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Automate & Accelerate Your Financial Consolidation And Reporting

Konsolidator is an innovative, cloud-based tool that automates and standardizes your financial consolidation and reporting process. The tool enables CFOs, Finance Managers, and Controllers to save time and gain actionable insights based on their key performance data.


Konsolidator’s simple-to-use, cloud software automates your financial consolidation and reporting including exchange rates and minority shares calculations. Gain up to an 80% faster consolidation process by switching to Konsolidator with our own RockFin 360 implementation, training, and support package.


100% cloud-based software

Konsolidator is hosted in the cloud – use it anywhere in the world and once product updates are ready, they are deployed directly to you. Hosted in Microsoft Azure, you can ensure your data is stored safely.

Data management and reporting

The data warehouse environment enables agile, fast, and user-friendly financial analysis of your data. Easily generate reports from Konsolidator to Excel, Power BI, or any other visualization tool.

Specialist Product Support

Konsolidator was developed by CFOs, Auditors, and Controllers, and together with the RockFin team of consolidation specialists, you’ll receive product support directly from people who have been in your shoes.

80% time reduction

By automating repetitive tasks, you regain valuable time to focus on financial analysis instead of production and reconciliation—and with RockFin’s process and reporting packages, we will help you create a data loading and reporting process that will really speed up the mechanics of your consolidation.

Fast, online implementation

Get up and running in less than 2 months. Full implementation is achieved over a series of 2-4 online, touchpoints, customized for you by RockFin.

Affordable, monthly subscription

Prices start from only £200/month, for unlimited usage and an unlimited number of users, fully inclusive of product support.


Konsolidator automates consolidation processes such as:


• Currency translation and adjustments
• Cash flow statements
• Inter-company eliminations
• Group and subgroup consolidations
• Elimination of investment in subsidiaries

We empower you to make better, faster decisions for your corporate group


We are the leading partner of Konsolidator in the UK and Germany, our RockFin 360 Konsolidator package simplifies your financial consolidation and reporting process to save you time and energy each month, quarter, and year. Turn a frustrating day and weeks process into just hours and minutes.

Konsolidator in Action

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